PMI Water Heaters

    "The most important feature for a water heater is its LIFE. If a water heater fails within a few years any investment in efficiency or green technology is wasted!"

    Performance Metals has introduced a range of revolutionary water heater products that make product life a key design requirement.

    Standard water heaters will eventually suffer from internal corrosion and the tank will leak or, even worse, burst. The water heater is protected from corrosion by a sacrificial anode which is gradually consumed over the years. It gradually loses it protective effect and the result is the corrosion of the steel tank.

    Who hasn't experienced the stress of a water heater failure - flooded basement, damaged carpets, walls and lost family treasures. The problem is that the replacement water heater is usually just the same, if not worse.

    The Performance Metals Water Heater is different. Only the best materials are used. Superior gage steel tanks and zircon enriched blue cobalt glass lining provide the best protection against corrosion. Combine this with the patented "Intelligent Anode" system, which ensures that the protecting anode is replaced when required, and you have a recipe for long life.

    Intelligent Anode

    IA Kits

    Only PMI water heaters are available with the exclusive patented (U.S. Patent No. 6,932,891 B2) Intelligent Anode technology. The Intelligent Anode has been used successfully for years in the marine industry and in military applications.

    All Intelligent Anode kits include an Intelligent Anode and a Detector Box. The anode is equipped with a patented probe that is designed to signal when the anode is depleted.

    The Intelligent Anode can alert owners of a depleted anode via:

    • Alarm detector box with beeper and flashing indicator
    • Direct link to security system
    • Modem Box
    • Zigbee wireless (used in Smart Meters)

    The box is powered by 3 AA batteries with an estimated life of 5 - 7 years. An optional 110V power supply can also be used.

    Additional Items Include:

    • Monitoring ambient temperature (warns of freezing conditions)
    • Water leak detectors
    • Water shut-off valve


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